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The Richmond Badminton Club was founded in the 1950s when we played at the RCA Forum on Sea Island (by the Vancouver airport).

During the 1960s, many of our members came from Canadian Pacific Airlines and BC Packers with some distinguished members which included the former mayor of Richmond, Gil Blair and city counciller, Bill Cannel. They were a tremendous help to the Club's infant years and helped to establish a strong connection with the city's Leisure Services and provided a high profile for badminton in Richmond. With the increased popularity of the sport, the Club was able, with the assistance from the City, to add Sunday to its original Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

Since the RCA Forum is within the development zone of the Vancouver Airport Authority, the Club, with the help of the City, moved to Anderson Elementary School gym in January of 1997. With this move, the original four courts at RCA Forum was reduced to the three courts available at Anderson School which reduces the membership and available guest spots for each session.

With reduced demand due to increased badminton venues, the Club no longer offers Sunday badminton starting with the 2014/2015 season.

The Club is run by volunteer Executives who are elected by the general membership every two years. The members enjoy a social and competitive environment. A coaching program for junior players was developed with volunteer coaches from the membership in conjunction with the City. Please see the Development Program for further details.

Development Program

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